Monday, February 13, 2006

Gospel of Barnabas Fraudulent

The Gospel of Barnabas is a fraud. The earliest reference to it is from a 15th century work, and there is no original manuscript evidence for its existence. No Christian or Muslim referred to it before the 15th century. 1st century eyewitness documents refute the Gospel of Barnabas' teaching that Jesus did not claim to be the Messiah [1] and did not die on the cross, when even the Quran acknowledges that Jesus was the Messiah (suras 5:19, 75). The Gospel of Barnabas contains references to vassals, wooden wine casks, medieval feudalism, and a medieval court procedure. It falsely claims that Jesus was born when Pilate was governor, and that Jesus sailed to Nazareth, which is impossible. The Gospel of Barnabas deny's Christ's deity and contains many Islamic elements.