Sunday, February 26, 2006

Flood Legends and their Ultimate Origin

Flood legends from around the world point to an historical flood that spawned the legends. Fa-He, the alleged founder of Chinese civilization, allegedly escaped from a deluge and repopulated the world with his wife and 3 sons and 3 daughters. The Chinese character for ark is literally "8 mouths" (8 people). Fiji Islanders speak of a flood which a family of 8 survived. Mexicans, Greeks, Sumerians, Hawaiians, Algonquins, and Hindus have flood accounts superficially similar to the one in Genesis.

Genesis is the original and true flood story. The Babylonian epic is loosely based on the historical flood but is false. The cubical ship couldn't have saved lives in the raging waters. It is reasonable to assume a rainfall lasting more than 7 days, and more than 1 day for the floodwaters to have subsided. Unlike the Genesis account, the Babylonian legend doesn't give the flood's year.