Friday, February 03, 2006

Democrats Contradictory On Terrorism

Democrats are opposed granting law enforcement agencies greater discretion to read mail and email, tap phones, and conduct random searches to prevent future terrorist attacks. They claim they want to prevent terrorist attacks. However, they have utterly failed to present any practical ideas to prevent terrorist attacks on our soil. What they do in the mean time is attempt to understand why Muslim countries hate us. What the Democrats apparently do not realize is that the Middle East has no legitimate reasons to hate America. It is clear that Muslim countries hate us not because of what we've done but because of who we are! America has a worldwide culture that is free and has advanced technology and abundant wealth. It is clear that the hatred is not because of our actions. America has, as Victor Davis Hanson points out in his must-buy Autumn of War:

  • liberated Kuwait; Kuwaiti women can even vote and hold office
  • deposed the murderous Saddam Hussein
  • deposed the oppressive, sexist Taliban
  • saved Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo from annihilation
  • saved starving Somalians
  • saved the lives of hundreds of thousands in Serbia
  • saved Tutus
  • and helped many more peoples by ending corrupt, illegitimate theocracies and dictatorships

It's time for people to face the facts: Muslims have been the greatest killers of other Muslims in the past couple of decades.

Terrorists have proved to be stealthy, as in the case of 9/11. Wiretapping is acceptable and a good idea. We Americans have to stop bitching about fascism when we can freely complain about aspects of our life which has the freedom corrupt Islamic regimes refuse to give their unfortunate citizens.

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