Thursday, February 02, 2006

Biblical Prophecy

The prophecies in the Bible do not fit into the categories of retrodiction, vagueness, inevitability, and denial proposed by "skeptics." The Old Testament predicts the Messiah's birth, ancestry, the herald of His coming, work, suffering, and death. Isaiah identifies King Cyrus of Persia 150 years before his birth. Ezekiel predicted the closing of the Golden Gate in Jerusalem, which occurred in 1543. Daniel correctly predicted that it would be 483 years after Artaxerxes ordered Nehemiah to "restore and rebuild Jerusalem" that Jesus Christ would die. The fulfillments are not explainable by misinterpretations of the Bible. Non-Judeo-Christian religions do not have specific, repeated, and unfailing fulfillment of predictions many years in advance of contingent events over which the predictor had no control! Psychic predictions are not even comparable to Biblical prophecy, like Celsus' absurd characterization of Jesus as a "juggler taught by the Egyptians."

That the Bible is filled with specific predictive prophecies that have literally been fulfilled is a definite sign of its divine origin.

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