Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell wrongly thought that Jesus was unwise, cruel, unmerciful, and inhumane. Russell wrongly rejected Hell. [1] He denied miracles [2] and immortality [3]. Russell thought Buddhism [4] is the best religion, but this is not the case. His hard-core agnosticism was self-defeating. He mistakenly thought that all religions are based on fear. His view of sin was inconsistent. Although Russell did not believe in the historicity of Jesus [5], Russell said that if He did exist His authority [6] and teachings should be rejected; Russell did this out of moral outrage. His question "Who made God?" is silly and based on a misstatement of the principle of causality. [7] Russell ignores Christ's sinlessness. Jesus was kind, not unkind, in warning people about Hell. Jesus was not vindictive [Luke 23:34; Matthew 5:39, 44]. Russell mistakenly assumed that Christ said He would return within the lifetime of His disciples.

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