Thursday, February 23, 2006


Abiogenesis is the correct account of the origin of life on earth

Abiogenesis is false. The origin-of-life experiments involve illegitimate intelligent intervention. Oxygen is excluded in the experiments, but Earth's early atmosphere had oxygen. Oxygen would've ruined the process, and UV radiation would've destroyed early molecules. No satisfactory answer has been given as to how the chemicals could've arranged correctly and become enclosed in a cell membrane. Evolutionists haven't shown any mechanism capable of harnessing the energy needed to select amino acids and sort out which will build each gene to develop an organism. Even if enough energy was available, the only systems able to harness the energy necessary for this process are either living or intelligent. The Urey-Miller experiments did not produce life; they didn't produce specified complexity. Pasteur's law of biogenesis, in proper context, rules out both spontaneous generation (e.g. mice from cheese) and abiogenesis. The odds of abiogenesis are considered to be the equivalent of mathematically impossible. The odds of the simplest life form coming together at random is 1 in 20 to the 445 (amino acids) x 239 (minimum # of protein molecules) power = 1 in 20 to the 137,915th power.