Friday, January 13, 2006

What Omnipotence Is Not

Omnipotence is self-defeating

There are qualifications to God's omnipotence. God can do anything that is possible, and it is not possible to make a stone so heavy that it cannot be moved. God cannot do just any imaginable task, such as make a square circle. God cannot violate his own laws. It is impossible for God to lie or otherwise sin; He is impeccable [Hebrews 6:18]. God cannot violate the law of noncontradiction. God does not change His mind and He cannot learn anything new because He is omniscient. He cannot force people to believe in Him because that is a violation of free will. He cannot cease to exist. But God is still omnipotent because He can do anything and everything that is possible. Atheists have failed to show any incoherence in the theistic concept of God's omnipotence.