Friday, January 13, 2006

Stem Cell Research

Embryonic stem cell research is a worthy endeavor

Embryonic stem cell research is wrong. Adult stem cell research is right.

Adult stem cell research has proved to be helpful in treating cancer, leukemia, heart disease (a major concern in America), and autoimmune diseases. These adult stem cells are obtained from blood (including blood from the umbilical cord), body fat, brain tissue, bone marrow, placenta, and skin.

To obtain embryonic stem cells, human embryos must be destroyed. But human life begins at conception [Psalm 139:13-16; Jeremiah 1:4-5]. We know this because the embryo is fully human, having all 46 human chromosomes and a working genetic code. As we have established, humanity is not measured by development. [1] Killing a human being for spare parts for the purpose of utiliarian experiments [2] is contrary to God's will and is unethical.

Adult stem cells are the right option; researching them does not require loss of life. Their versatility is on par with that of embryonic stem cells and they have a history of effectiveness. Tax dollars should be shifted to adult stem cell research only. Adult stem cell research does not violate God's will. Amniotic stem cells hold lots of promise.

[2] Utilitarianism is a superficial axiology, underdefining goodness as happiness. Upcoming post: What is good?

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