Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Noachian Flood Was Global: Plausibility of Creationist Theories

The Flood of Noah described in Genesis, if it even occurred, was limited to one region of the Middle East

The Noachian Flood as described in Genesis 6-9 was global. While the vapor canopy and runaway subduction theories are doubtful, the hydroplate theory makes sense. Insects survived on floating vegetation mats and perhaps even on the ark. All kinds could fit; perhaps many juvenile animals were taken aboard. The average land animal is small. Animals could have hibernated on the ark if necessary; God could have made this happen miraculously. The crew could certainly feed and take care of the animals. Plants and aquatic organisms could have survived the flood.

In a young earth view [1], the flood is what caused an ice age.

Please read "Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study" by John Woodmorappe. On Amazon it's out of stock but available from several sellers, but it's much more inexpensive at Answers in Genesis. Please visit this FAQ about the book.

[1] I believe in an old Earth as of 1/10. It is my belief that a global flood and an old Earth are true and reconciliable. As of 1/10 I reject macroevolution and universal common ancestry but not microevolution.