Monday, January 23, 2006

My Worldview

In this blog I assert a worldview of metaphysical supernaturalism; theological monotheism, eutheism, and trinitarianism; religious Biblical Christianity; Biblical inerrancy; epistemological rational empiricism and antifideism; ethical reciprocity and moral absolutism; political conservatism, antianarchism, and anti-Machiavellianism; economic capitalism and anticommunism; constitutional federalism; eschatological premillennialism and antipreterism; biological intelligent design; technological optimism; medical antiabortionism and anti-active euthanasia; eccesiological contraantinomianism; American patriotism; axiological pietism; hamartiological inherited sin; Soteriological infralapsarianism; personal immortality; ontological anti-materialism; mental anti-functionalism; substance dualism; and ecological conservationism.

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