Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Evolution Debunked: A Bibliography

Microevolution is true. Macroevolution is false.

Debunking Universal Common Descent
1. 29 'Evidences' For Macroevolution - debunking universal common descent
2. Camp Answers Theobald - Talk.Origins posted a rebuttal which Ashby L. Camp refutes
3. The Biblical Kinds Defined by David A. Plaisted
1. Why Abiogenesis is Impossible - NDT abiogenesis claim is falsified by molecular biology.
2. Hydrothermal Origin of Life?
1. Thermodynamics vs. Evolutionism by Timothy Wallace
B-Cell Hypermutation
1. A Continuation of Spetner vs. Max - macroevolution; b-cell hypermutation model; role of gene duplication; meaning of "evolution;" information content of proteins; conclusion jumping; antibiotic resistance as an example of evolution; gene families as example of duplication, selection, and mutation. Lee M. Spetner is the author of "Not by Chance!"
2. The Unsuitability of B-Cell Maturation as an Analogy for Neo-Darwininian Theory (NDT) by Royal Truman
Evolutionary Mechanism
1. The Search for an Evolutionary Mechanism by Ariel A. Roth - Lamarckism -> Darwinism -> Mutations -> Population Evolution -> Modern Synthesis -> Diversity Period
2. Five Major Evolutionist Misconceptions About Evolution - [Macro]evolution has never been observed; [macroevolution] violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics; there are no transitional fossils; macroevolutionary theory says that life originated, and evolution proceeds, by random chance; [macro]evolution is only a theory, it hasn't been proved.
3. Tim Wallace Answers Wayne Duck - Wayne Duck uses technically legal but misleading definitions. He uses a straw man, falsely claiming that Wallace rejects microevolution (i.e., genetic variation). Duck often misquotes Wallace, and even apparently unwittingly admits that macroevolution has never been observed. He displays an ignorance of thermodynamics and fails to point out specific, empirically evident mechanisms/processes for macroevolution, as well as unambiguous transitional fossils.
4. The Five Crises of Evolutionary Theory -
The unsubstantiation of a Darwinian mechanism of evolution
The total failure of origin of life studies to produce a workable model
The inability of evolutionary mechanism to explain the origin of complex adaptations
The bankruptcy of the blind watchmaker hypothesis
The biological evidence that the rule in nature is morphological stability over time and not constant change.
5. A Theory of Biblical Creation by Timothy Wallace - Bible is reliable; morphological and molecular similarities between organisms due to design by God; global flood and aftermath; concurrence with 2nd law of thermodynamics; original organisms and ecosystems had high complexity, variety, and adaptability which is constantly decreasing since the Fall; net decrease in genetic information from genetically complete/perfect created kinds due to the Fall
6. The Problem of Information by Royal Truman - refutes Richard Dawkins
7. Second Thoughts About Peppered Moths by Jonathan Wells, Ph.D.
Irreducible Complexity
1. Darwin's Black Box by Michael J. Behe book.
2. Rebuttals to Criticism's of "Darwin's Black Box"
3. Self-Organization and Irreducibly Complex Systems: A Reply to Shanks and Joplin
4. Behe Responds to his Critics
5. Critical Characteristics and the Irreducible Knee Joint
Vestigial Organs
1. Vestigial Organs Q&A
1. Homologies by Leonard R. Brand
1. Pseudogenes by Sean D. Pitman, M.D.
2. When "Junk" DNA Isn't Junk by Rich Deem
3. Pseudogenes: Are They Non-Functional? by Pierre Jerlström
Transitional Forms
1. On the Alleged Dinosaurian Ancestry of Birds - the claim that Protarchaeopteryx robusta and Caudipteryx zoui prove bird evolution from theropod dinosaurs is unsubstantiated
2. The Overselling of Whale Evolution
Fossil Record
1. Fossil Patterns: A Classification and Evaluation by Jim Gibson
The Horse (Equus)
1. Evolution (?) of the Horse
2. Donkeys, Horses, Mules, and Evolution
1. Evolution: Possible or Impossible? by Dr. James F. Coppedge