Friday, January 13, 2006

Judeo-Christian Values Embedded In Political Conservatism

Judeo-Christian religious and moral values [1] that are usually part of conservatism include:
a) Defiant sin is worse than unintentional sin.
b) value & sanctity to human life
c) Refresh/encourage one another
d) We are to keep a clear conscience.
e) no immorality, idolatry, or greed
f) no murder, no adultery, no dishonesty
g) give generously, cheerfully, and according to our means
h) Faithfulness; living consistent with beliefs; no hypocrisy
i) no magic or occult, such as channeling, witchcraft, astral-projection, mediums, fortune-tellers, astrology, tarot cards, oujia boards, TM, EST, Qi-gong
j) no horoscopes, eastern or western astrology, luck, or superstitions
k) Be rich in good deeds and committed to doing good
l) Aid, care, protect, help, & don't cause harm to others
m) Be kind to people & animals
n) be hospitable to all
o) Don't be self-seeking or just look after own interests
p) Be civil, not rude
q) Don't even plan or think evil
r) No dissensions, jealousy, or quarreling
s) envy is unhealthy
t) Don’t covet fame or have selfish ambitions
u) do not bear false witness or lie to each other
v) teach with integrity
w) no gossip or betrayal of confidence
x) no slander
y) We are responsible to watch our life & doctrine closely
z) sexual purity
1) no homosexuality
2) have modesty
3) aid the poor and the indigent
4) no racism or sexism
5) fair treatment of individuals
6) no laziness
7) comfort/encourage/honor
8) honor secular authority
9) persuade/correct/teach people
10) We demonstrate the Gospel with our lives, & not just share words

[1] A Common Christian Confession