Monday, January 23, 2006

Jesus in Mt. 15:26

Jesus was racist against Gentiles and disparaged them

Holtz says that in Matthew 15:26 Jesus "compares non-Israelites to dogs." Holtz mistakenly thinks that Jesus was insulting non-Israelites, when in fact dogs was a term of endearment. He uses a parable in which children are fed before household puppies at meal time, just like He needed to take care of His disciples first, then would feed the Canaanite woman. The passage in Matthew reveals Jesus' sensitivity to the Canaanite woman's urgent need for food and the disciples' needs. Jesus uses a parable with a cozy household image to give the woman a more informed faith and more precise hope, while the disciples can better appreciate their role and privelege.

Does Holtz even read scripture in context, or merely parrot the straw men of other atheists in addition to contriving his own?

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