Monday, January 16, 2006

Characteristics of a Winner

Characteristics of a Winner (Not sure of the author)
A winner has drive, loves and seeks competition, and does not doubt themself.A winner has determination, recognizing that progress can be slow but not giving up. A winner knows there is no such thing as instant success.A winner dominates, and is not intimated.A winner is coachable, listening and learning from the coach. A winner asks questions to learn and seek knowledge but doesn't question authority.A winner has confidence, believing in their ability and knowing their limits, working on their weaknesses with the strength of their strong points.A winner is aggressive in that they make things happen instead of sitting back and waiting for things to happen.A winner is responsible, accepting responsibility for all their actions. A winner learns, improves, and greatly decreases their "failures" by taking responsibility for the failures without feeling like a failure.A winner has trust, and believes in the coach. A winner speaks well of the coach, knowing that it is the player is the only one that looks bad when they put down the coach. A winner shares the coaches values as the coach shares his knowledge and believe in the player.A winner lets their conscience develop, learning right from wrong.A winner is mentally tough and able to cope with failure. A winner knows that they've done everything possible to succeed.A winner has emotional control, handling pressure the right way. A winner sticks to their game plan and concentrates in all situations. A winner visualizes success with positive self motivation.A winner has commitment, and understands what it will take to reach their goal. It is tougher to be successful than to be a failure.