Monday, January 16, 2006

Holtz's Misplaced Appeal to Celsus

Celsus of Greece disproved Christianity

Biblioskeptics cite True Doctrine author Celsus' dismissal of Biblical teachings. However, Celsus' rejection of Christian exclusivism, Biblical miracles, the incarnation and the crucifixion, and Christian noncomformity have been refuted by Origen in Contra Celsum. Celsus failed to fully understand and appreciate historical evidence and philosophical justification of miracles, the evidence supporting the deity of Christ, and the uniqueness of Christianity among world religions. [1]

[1] Jesus Christ was unique in messianic prophecies, conception, life, death, resurrection, sinlessness, exemplifying virtues, in life and teaching, and in His combining of seemingly opposite traits, such as being humble while boldly claiming to be God []. His prophecy, revelation, position, miracles, and claims are superior to those of Moses. Jesus has a superior message, way of salvation, model life, worldview, morality, and basis for truth to those of Mohamed, Hindu gurus, Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama), Socrates, and Lao Tse. Christ's proof of His message is superior to all other religious figures. His death was the most noble and He bring superior freedom. [Reference:]