Saturday, January 28, 2006

Biblical Miracles Were Not Invented

The New Testament authors did not invent the miracle stories in the Gospels. Glen M. Miller, a superb Christian apologist who operates, proves the following theses on his must-visit site: There is no evidence of legendary accretion about Jesus during the time the gospels were recorded, nor is there evidence of influences to create such innovation. There is abundant, compelling internal data in the New Testament supporting the authenticity of the miracles. Extra-biblical sources indicate that the miracles reflect actual historical events. There is no evidence supporting and plenty of evidence refuting the hypothesis that the gospel authors consciously create the gospels to be historical fiction, consciously intended to embellish some non-miraculous historical tradition with miraculous stories in honor of their dead leader like the common practice of doing so for divine emperors and Greco-Roman heroes, that the gospel authors were subconsciously culturally influenced by non-miraculous events in Jesus' life and these became false memories of miraculous events, or that Jesus was a copy-cat savior myth from Ancient Near East literature or other cultures.